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GHSN Webinars

The Global Health Security Network will be hosting regular webinars throughout the year covering all global health topics. 

As a member we want to hear from you on the topics you are most interested in and who you would like to hear from at the fortnightly webinars.

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Current Scheduled Webinars

Webinar - Enhancing vaccine uptake in an age of COVID-19.

7 Feb 2023 - 3PM EST / 8PM GMT / 8 Feb 2023 7AM AEDT

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the growing difficulties with encouraging populations to get vaccinated. Low vaccination rates are often attributed to vaccine hesitancy. However, the reasons why individuals may not get vaccinated are multiple and varied, based on a variety of social, economic, political, psychological, and even logistical factors.

Public health experts, leaders, and governments must understand the impediments to vaccine uptake in order to develop strategies that go beyond conventional interventions to address low vaccination rates.

In collaboration with the Intellectual Forum, Jesus College, Cambridge, the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, and the University of Sydney, the Global Health Security Network is pleased to release a policy report authored by Dr Kerrie Wiley and Professor Julie Leask that examines the challenges and strategies to increase vaccine uptake.

Professor Michelle Williams, Dean of the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health will officially launch the report and discuss its implications for public health professionals and the wider community.

Online Zoom webinar: please register below to receive the link.

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