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The Global Health Security Network (GHSN) Limited is a new multidisciplinary professional association dedicated to facilitating evidence- informed policy for the detection, prevention and control of infectious disease threats, irrespective of origin or source.

Following the inaugural Global Health Security Conference held in Sydney (18-20 June 2019), the Global Health Security Network was created to provide a space where global health academics, scientists and policy-makers from across multiple sectors and around the world have a platform to share their thoughts, ideas, research and innovations with other professionals. The Association was then founded in October 2019 by Adam Kamradt-Scott, Rebecca Katz (Georgetown University) and Sara Davies (Griffith University)


The Global Health Security Network (GHSN) is an international community of academics, scientists and policy-makers that welcomes professionals who seek to share their knowledge and research on global health security.

We encourage free thinking and support those that wish to make a meaningful impact to improve the health and well-being of all people globally. The GHSN community is an opportunity to engage with members, sharing their ideas through the Association and at GHSN events around the world.

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GHSN is a network for like minded professionals to share research and have transparent conversations on global health security



Introducing the very talented Global Health Security Network Board....

Prof Adam Kamradt-Scott

Chair of Board of Directors GHSN

Dr Andrew Nerlinger

PandemicTech and TEXGHS

Board Member GHSN

Darren Menachemson


Board Member GHSN

Prof Rebecca Katz

Georgetown University

Board Member GHSN

Dr Meru Sheel

Australian National University

Board Member GHSN

Virgile Madua Kikaya


Board Member GHSN

Dr Seye Abimbola

University of Sydney

Board Member GHSN

Robin Davies

Former First Assistant Secretary DFAT

Board Member GHSN

Executive Team

Meet our executive team running the day to day aspects of the Global Health Security Network.

Rebecca Smith

Global Health Security Network

Executive Manager

Lauren Sawyers

Global Health Security Network

Events Administrator

Samantha Tanner

Global Health Security Network

Events Coordinator


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